Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Week of School

    Well, we've just completed our first week of school, my senior year (in junior high, of course!). We took Monday to just go over the schedule, details, etc. Tuesday was our official first day of school on which we followed Monday's schedule. On Wednesday I have ballet, so Mom made a special schedule for that. Well, it was supposed to be Tuesday on Wednesday, but we had to do Wednesday's schedule on Wednesday. So Thursday was then Tuesdays schedule and Friday had to be Thursday's schedule. It was very crazy.
    My school is pretty light so far, so I am very grateful. I just hope it stays like that all year round.
    Jonathan, Annie, Mom, and I went swimming at my aunt's pool Friday afternoon. It was a perfect end to the last day of our first school week!
    I understand if you do not comprehend a single word of the above, so let me just say  this: It was a very good week and we look forward to the rest of the year!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big Bear!!

    My mom and dad's anniversary is this Sunday (18 years!!!) and so we took a little trip up to Big Bear to celebrate.
    It took about two hours to get there, with a pause for bathroom breaks and McDonald's french fries along the way. (Nothing beats a good McDonald's french fry. Yum, yum!)
    It was about 12pm when we did arrive. We found a lovely spot by Big Bear lake to eat lunch and enjoyed being in the mountains and out of the car. It was a little windy by the lake, but that just made things fun. (Trying to keep your plate from flying away, having your hair blow in your eyes so you can't see anything, eating it when it got in your mouth, etc. It was pretty fun!)
   Once we were finished, Dad with his kiddos, walked down to the floating deck. Mom stayed and finished her lunch while enjoying watching the people zooming around on the lake.
    Jonathan didn't really like how the deck kept swaying and creaking as we walked on it, but I thought it was cool. So far, I don't think I get sea sick, but I haven't really been on a actual boat in a while. Mom soon came and joined us, but didn't stay long as she didn't like the swaying motion either.
     We then stood around skipping rocks into the lake for a few minutes. Well, Dad and David were skipping rocks, but the rest of us were pretty much failing. Though, I did get two skips once!

Searching for the perfect rocks.

Throwing those perfect rocks perfectly.
"How do you do this again?"

    After we were done trying and failing, we hopped back in the car and drove to the Alpine Slide! At first, I wasn't that sure about the whole thing, because you had to go on a chairlift (and I'd never been on one) and go down this long slide with lots of twists and turns (not that that was scary, of course!). But after I went on it once, I knew I wanted to go again!

Going up with my sis.

Here we go!!!!

Yeah, I know I don't look like I'm having an awesome time, 
but I was having so much fun I forgot to smile!         

There. See? I'm smiling!  

    After going on the slide twice, we got back in the car (again!) and drove over to the Big Bear Village. We walked around there for a little bit, visiting all of the cute little shops and buying ice cream. (The rainbow sherbert is really good!)

Eventually, we had seen most everything, so we piled into the car. (I'm definitely seeing a pattern here . . .) This time, our destination was closer to home with the name of The Bass Pro Shop. We perused the huge building, having fun with a shooting game and trying out some cool bikes.

Some of us were getting hungry, so we crammed into the car. (Maybe this is the theme. Hmm . . .) We drove to Taco Bell and had a lovely road trip dinner.
We arrived back home around 8:30pm and enjoyed our beds after an awesome adventurous day. We had a ton of fun and some of us can't wait to go back and ride that Alpine slide again!
And that, folks, concludes this long post for today.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Revised Version of the Three Little Pigs!

    Here is a short story my younger brother Jonathan created the other day. I thought it was hilarious!

The Revised Version of the Three Little Pigs:

Chapter One
    I am a wolverine named Max. I needed some pork chops for my aunt's birthday cake. Unfortunately, my neighbors were hogs.
    I went to my first neighbor, but noticed a sign on the door that said, "Out for work. Don't come in my house." Weird. Wonder who that was for? Probably his brother. Wait. Where were we . . . Ah, yes. I was going to my neighbor's work place. Did I mention that he's a construction worker? He thinks he's tough, but he's really wimpy. But that's besides the point.
    So, I went over to the build site (I knew exactly where to go). I saw him there on a forklift. I went over to him and asked if he had any pork chops (very awkward). He glared at me and told me to come over there. I did and he threw his shoe down at me. I got hit on the noggin. Ow! I leaned on the controls and accidently pushed a button. The greedy hog flew out. Unfortunately, it was the eject button. I ran over to him to see if he was okay. He was lying face down in the dirt. I figured he would be about half of what I needed, so I put him in my bag and went off to find the second little hog.

Chapter Two
    As I made my way back to the second hog's house, I bought some oregano for the cake. At his house, I found the same note that was on the first hog's house, so I made my way back to his work place. He is a police man. I've been arrested by him twice for crossing the street without shoes on, even though I never wear shoes anyway. But as I was saying, I made my way over to the police station, went up all twenty-four levels and found him working on some paperwork (even though he doesn't know how to write). I asked him if he had any pork chops and he threw his shoe at me. Yow! Right in the chest. He then leaned back in his chair and the chair fell over and crashed through all twenty-four levels and fell out a window. I ran down the stairs to see if he was alright. He was lying face down in the dirt. I figured I now had enough for the cake and put him in my sack and started my way back home.

Chapter Three
    On my way back, I ran into the third hog. He threw his shoe at me. He is a sumo wrestler, and he heard about what happened to his brothers. He is angry. He wants to flatten me. If you have an angry sumo wrestler that wants to flatten you there is only one solution. That is to run! As I sped away, I knew my only escape was to go to the trampoline mall. A soon as I got there I started jumping on the nearest trampoline. What do you get when you cross an angry sumo wrestler that wants to flatten you, and a trampoline. Laughter! It was so funny seeing him go all over the place until he crashed through one and into the sewer.         
    Now I don't know how he got there, but as I was walking home, I found him face down on my lawn. I hadn't had lunch and there was a snack right in front of me, so I did what any of you would have done and had lunch. It was very tasty too.

    Now I am in the hospital because lots of shoes were thrown at me. Tomorrow is my aunts birthday. I will make her a cake.

The End