Monday, May 26, 2014

A Little Update

   We have been pretty busy the last few days. Some of it was fun adventure . . .and some of it wasn't.
   On Thursday, our power went out (again)! I sort of enjoy having the power out, because it's an adventure and it it doesn't happen very often, but there is not much we can do without electricity. I like having electricity.
   So, because it was a school day and Emily and David needed the laptops (we couldn't plug them in), we hopped in the van and traveled to the library with our backpacks weighed down with school books. We had never done this before, so it was fun for me. But, I do have to admit, I didn't get a lot of school done. There were many noises, believe it or not, (little kids with their dads, fountains . . many fountains).
   We stayed for a few hours and then came home for lunch. By that time, the power was back on, thankfully. We had our lunch (we could now open the fridge and use the microwave. Yay!) and continued our school. I kind of wished we went back to the library . . .
   Friday afternoon, Emily, David, Mom, and I drove to the Irvine movie theater to see the new movie God's Not Dead. Once we got there, surprise, surprise, I met one of my friends there! Then as we made our way toward the theater from the parking lot, another one of my friends showed up!! I was very surprised as I had not been told this.
   Well, we made our way into the theater and bought our tickets, taking our seats in the very empty room minutes afterward. The movie was very good, and I enjoyed it a lot. Though, it was at times, hard to watch and intense. But all in all, it was an excellent movie and very well made. If you have not seen it yet, you definitely should!
   My mom and I attended a wedding shower on Saturday.
   My dad preached a wonderful sermon, Sunday (you're the best Dad!!). At 4pm, we crammed into the car and drove to a graduation party for a girl in our church. On the way there, though, we witnessed a car crash. We were driving along, when suddenly, we saw what looked like a huge whirlwind on the side of the freeway. It was a car which was tumbling front over tail. Thankfully, it didn't go into traffic, only on the side. As we drove away, shocked, we lowered our heads, and sent up a prayer for the people in the accident. Hopefully, they knew God and it wasn't a fatality. It was the first accident I've seen.
   And Monday: today. It is our last week of school!! Whoohoo!! I am so excited for summer!! And it is also Memorial Day! So happy Memorial Day to you and enjoy the heat!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Uh-oh . . .

Recently, we took our guinea pigs to the vet because we were concerned about how much they were itching. Well, it took a few visits and paying for medicine that wasn't really needed, but finally we found out . . . (wait for it) . . . that they have lice!
No, actually, it's not that bad. The lice, thankfully, only like guinea pigs, not humans. Bad for our guinea pigs, good for us.
Well, this means that we now have to clean their cage every other day, which is a lot of work! This will go on for at least a month and a week and will hopefully take away the miniscule nuisances forever.
But there is one benefit: the part of the room where their cage is will smell better!
So, we've a bunch of work to do, but even more fun to be had with our little residents!

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Green Thumb Production

Hey, everyone!
This week something spectacular happened! Our black thumbs (according to my mom, but not really true) turned to green thumbs! They still have their normal skin color, thankfully, but in Figure of Speech Land, they are green!
So, are you wondering what happened? Maybe this can help:

Have you guessed yet? No? Well, I'll tell you. We grew blackberries!!!
We bought the bush on a Saturday last year (my 12th birthday) and planted it that day. Unfortunately, as it grew, we had to pinch off all the buds that appeared because someone told us that if you do that, you'll have a bigger crop next year. It was dreadful. I love the little juicy bunches and was so thrilled that we were going to try to grow them! So it was very hard for me to wait. =)
But finally, we started to let them grow and this month the little buds opened up to lovely white flowers, which then changed into lovely red blackberries. And then, yesterday, blackberries!
Mom called David and me out and we rejoiced! . . by eating the first three blackberries!!


They were delicious!! But we still can't just pick them off the bush and eat them. Mom says we have to freeze them (I'm not sure why . . .). Maybe, though, next year, when we get a larger crop, we can pick them and pop them into our mouths the moment after . . .