Saturday, February 7, 2015

Entertaining Boredom

Perhaps some of you have been wondering what some bored teenage girls do on Thursday nights when they are home alone. Well, if so, here is your chance to get a peek at one of the things we do (if you're me, of course . . . I'm not sure if this applies to all girls . . . I'm pretty sure it doesn't . . . ).

My younger sister and I were playing Banana Grams-a game much like Scrabble except somehow more fun. When we began to be bored with that (it didn't take long), an idea popped into my head. I grasped it with both hands and grabbed my camera with my feet since my hands were full. After placing the camera and idea carefully aside, I began to rearrange the small yellow tiles. The hamster was spinning wildly in its wheel. Soon, my masterpiece was complete. I documented it with help from my handy-dandy camera. Grasping another idea (I only used one hand this time since I needed my other hand), I had a bit more fun with my masterpiece. Here is what came of it:

(I'm sorry, the pictures are a bit blurry. Just squint your eyes while looking at them, and they'll look blurry because of that, rather than my horrible photography skills. =P)

First up is Cinnamon Buns,
next is Pigtails.
Here's Baldy,
 Top Hat,
Mohawk (no, it's not a party hat),
and finally, Afro.
I hope you have enjoyed your view of my boredom and aren't permanently scarred for life. There might be more of these posts coming up, so watch out! =)