Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!!

This year, we hosted again. We had fourteen people in our house this time! That was including us . . . otherwise, it'd be pretty squishy. =)  
Mom had us making all kinds of projects the days before. We made a big sign with the words Euchcharisteo (meaning 'give thanks' in Greek), we painted many centers of golden chargers with black chalk paint and wrote our guests' names on them, and more! We had Thanksgiving week off, but were kept busy making the above. So, it didn't really feel like an off week. =)
In the process . . .

 . . . after the process.

These went on our dog crate/buffet table.

Hanging up our 'Eucharisteo' sign.

We also made homemade pies for the first time!!! We made with them with friends from my ballet class and had a ton of fun!! It was a bunch of work, though . . .
This was so helpful with the many, many apples we had to peel, slice, and core!!

There was still another bowl apart from these! There were a lot.

Making the pie crust . . .

Delicately decorating the edges of the crust . . .

Whoohoo!!! Our first pies EVER!!!
 Thankgiving day itself went really well! The food was amazing (as usual) and I'm pretty sure everyone had a fantastic time! (I did have a cold, though, so that wasn't very fun . . .)

I hope ya'll had just as good a Thanksgiving day as we did!! (But on second thought, maybe you wouldn't want the cold part . . . .)