Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's VBS Time!!

    This past week has been pretty busy for me. Which is probably why I'm sick. But, boy, was it fun!

    The main thing that conquered our time was called VBS. From 9am-12pm, Annie, Jonathan, and I had a blast at the Grace Church of Orange. Every year, they go all out with enthusiasm and creativity. Everyone is super friendly which makes it really easy to interact with them and even make new friends. Annie and I volunteered with the Preschoolers with a friend of mine while Jonathan hung out with the fifth graders in his class.
Me with my friend from ballet, Abbi Goodyear, and Annie.
Little Ryan wanted me to draw dinosaurs on the back of his coloring page. =)
During worship time, the sanctuary was packed with kids and was very loud, but so fun! Sam was more interested in playing with Annie's hair, than singing, I guess. =)
In Missions, we learned about a missionary and life in Africa.
Water day . . . .
. . . . . can be very hectic with young kids . . . .
 . . . . but also very fun!
Overseeing the making of "Wisdom crowns".
Making elephant heads out of socks and felt in craft time.
Annie and I with Noel and Sam.
Abbi and I with the same cute little girls.
Silas was enlisting my help in drawing chalk dinosaurs. =)
Ryan, Jordan, Titus (or Sammy - they were brothers and I could never tell them apart!), and Thaddeus . . . . so cute!
Silly faces!!
    This was Annie's first time volunteering (she's been in a class the past years) and both of ours first time working with the preschoolers. I loved it! Five minutes after walking in the door, you had sixteen more little friends! They excepted you just like that without any hesitation at all! They were sitting in your lap, playing with your hair, engaging you in pool noodle fights, and calling you "teacher" in their high voices! In the time before VBS, everyone kept telling us that we'd be super tired afterwards, and we were. So much so that we both got sick! We still managed to enjoy the time, though. It was kind of hard not to with tons of toddlers hanging all over you! I never knew they could be so tiring!!
    Last week is definitely one of the many things I look forward to every year! We all have tons of fun each day and enjoy hanging out with all our friends. And even though VBS just ended, Annie, Jonathan, and I are already looking forward to when it comes around next year!

 Thank you Grace Church of Orange!!