Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To Grandmother's New House We Go

Hey, ya'll! We've been super busy this past weekend. My grandma (mom's side) decided to move to the assisted living close to our house, so the past Fridays and Saturdays have been spent packing. But this Saturday was the big moving day.
We left our house around 7:30 after dropping off Dad, David, and Jonathan at the Uhaul place to rent a truck. Once I stepped foot in my Grandma's old appartment, I was instantly put to work packing, taping, and carrying boxes.
A few guys from my Grandma's church arrived to help move the furniture. My aunt (mom's sister) and her boyfriend, Brent, also arrived to help. It was really nice to have them there, because the whole process went so much faster than it would have with just us. We soon filled up the Uhaul truck, our van, and my Grandma's car, so we then piled into the car and drove to Emeritas, the assisted living.
And that's when the real work started.
The men were assigned to carry the furniture and boxes up the stairs (or elevator) to the really cute new apartment. Once they brought the boxes up, Mom, Annie, Emily, and I unpacked the boxes and put the items away in the furniture that they brought up. Once all of the furniture had been brought up, the men from my Grandma's church left. So only our family, my aunt and Brent were left. (The numbers slowly dwindled from then on.)
We took a lunch break around 2pm with delicious food from Taco Bell. Then it was back to work.
Towards the end of the evening, Dad drove Annie, Jonathan, and Emily back to our house (Emily had homework). I volunteered to stay and help with the last bit (but truth be told, I was having second thoughts as we drove back to the apartment with the next load, because like everyone else, I was pretty tired). Of course, being tired, I got hiper, so that gave me a small burst of energy to carry me through the rest of the evening.
We dropped off some furniture that wasn't going to Emeritas at my aunt's house and then Dad, Mom, David, and I continued on alone.
There wasn't much left, so we finished around 5:30 at the apartment and drove back to our house to have dinner. Then Mom and I picked up Dad at the Uhaul place (he had dropped off the truck earlier) and drove back to my Grandma's old apartment to pick up a few things we left there (rice crispies and cameras can't wait... )
Then we dropped off a box at my Grandma's new apartment at Emeritas, said goodnight, left, and drove back to our cozy house.
It was a very long day which is why I was so exhausted that evening and Sunday (but you probably didn't think I was exhausted 'cause I hid it pretty well, huh?). But it was an adventure, and we Miles love adventures.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Race On, My Piggies!!

Ok. So, today, we had a little experiment with the residents that have been living with us since February. We placed them at the edge of a blanket on the lawn (with a fence around them, of course). We let them go, and here's what happened.

   As you probably discovered, Bree (the winner) is the white and brown one. Anna (pronounced Awna, as in the movie Frozen) is the black one and the youngest of the two. Bree did not get any extra treats for winning, but I don't really think she cared. She was probably just exclaiming: 'these humans sure do strange things!'
   If you are wondering how they are doing, the answer is "great!!" They are now eating food from our hands, and not squirming too much when we hold them. They are also talking a little more (if you listened closely, you can hear Anna talking to Bree when they are near the camera). They also do something that I am beginning to not enjoy. Whenever someone opens the fridge or crinkles a bag, they place their paws on the sides of the cage, lift their adorable faces to us, and begin to beg. They squeak and squeak and squeak in excitement, thinking they're going to receive treats in the near future. It's not something bad, it just tempts me to give them treats every time they do it and makes me feel guilty when they get nothing. But it is quite cute.
   So, we are having a bunch of fun with our guinea pigs and are expecting even more fun to come!

Monday, April 7, 2014


   Hi there! So, this is my first blog about me that I've had before, so we'll watch what happens with it. I do have another blog where I post stories that I create every now and then. You can enjoy it by clicking here.
   This past month of March has been pretty exciting for me. Towards the beginning of the month I went on my very first Women's Retreat, which our church hosts for the ladies (obviously)! It was hosted up at Young Life Oakbridge, which has extremely beautiful grounds. It was definitely something to be thankful for!
    A few weeks later, I celebrated my 13th birthday!! Whoohoo!!! You know how everyone always asks you, "So, how does it feel to be a teen?" Well, as far I as can tell, I don't feel very different. Of course, that would be pretty weird to suddenly have this strange feeling envelope you at 7 something pm when you're eating dinner. That'd just be creepy.
    Anyways . . .
    The day after my birthday, I had my ears pierced!! Spoiler Alert!:  . . it hurts . . a lot. That's why I'm not getting second piercings anytime soon. Plus, all the cleaning you have to do to them is a lot of work. It takes at least five minutes for each ear. . .for me. But they do look pretty cool.
    That weekend, I invited a few close friends over to celebrate my birthday again. We played running pictionary, a marshmallow and toothpick contest (who could build the tallest structure), we filled in a madlib about me, ate m&ms while telling facts about ourselves, and wore cool fedoras. We were having a ton of fun. But then, while we were innocently relaxing and watching The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (for my first time!!), the unexpected came. The Witch raised her knife, about to plunge it into Aslan, when everything began to move. The windows rattled violently, and the floor shook. The TV swayed back and forth. We were experiencing, a 5.3 earthquake. The first earthquake I'd lived through and actually felt. It was extremely exciting for me . . . . and a tad scary . . . But it made for a very fun party!
    So now I am thirteen years old, a teen, and looking forward to all of the fun moments I will be sharing with you on this blog! Enjoy!