Thursday, May 21, 2015


So, this is just a fun way to see if you know anything about me at all. If you get none of these right, then we really need to hang out more often! If you can answer all the questions, then you've done pretty well and we can stop being friends! =P Naw, you've just done pretty well.=)
 To answer, comment below with your guesses (1,a; 2,d; etc.- and no, those are not the answers!)

Let's see how you do! =)

1. Middle Name
        a.) May (b.) Rose (c.) Olivia (d.) Elisabeth

2. Date of Baptism
        a.) May 8, 2011 (b.) July 17, 2011 (c.) Sept. 11, 2011 (d.) Dec. 4, 2011

3. Favorite Candy
        a.) Snickers (b.) Butterfingers (c.) Milkyway (d.) Crunch

4. Favorite Animal
        a.) Dogs (b.) Lizards (c.) Horses (d.) Wombats

5. Dream Job
        a) Veterinarian (b) Dude ranch owner (c) Actress (d) Au Pair

6. Number of surgeries I've had
        a) 1 (b) 4 (c) 0 (d) 2

7. Book genre I like best
        a) Historical fiction (b) Non-fiction (c) Biographies (d) Fantasy

8. Favorite pasttime
        a) Watching TV (b) Reading (c) Surfing the internet (d) School

9. Eye color
        a) Green (b) Brown (c) Blue (d) Kaleidoscope

10. What instrument do I play
        a) Ukulele (b) Violin (c) Mandolin (d) Banjo

11. Favorite pizza topping
        a) Pepperoni (b) Sausage (c) Pineapple (d) Mushrooms

12. Country I want to visit most
        a) Vietnam (b) Ireland (c) Australia (d) Germany

13. Oldest sister's age
        a) 18 (b) 17 (c) 19 (d) 16

14. Least favorite subject in school
        a) Spelling (b) History (c) Algebra (d) Science

And there you go! Fourteen questions for the fourteen years I've lived so far. (No, the 'so far' is not implying anything!) Hopefully, you'll get all of them right so you won't have to endure me any more! =P
The answers will be posted in the comments below in a few weeks. 

Good luck!