Friday, April 22, 2016


      When my sister and I went to spend some time with a couple from our church at their house, the husband brought out his throwing knives to show us. If he had known what would come soon after he did that . . . I wonder if he would still have shown us them.

      So what did happen? Well, I pretty much got hooked on the hobby of knife-throwing. I loved the idea of being able to do such a dangerous thing! After a lot of research, and having come into a little money from my birthday last month, I soon ordered my first pair. The time from that Monday to the next Monday was one of the longest years of my life. But finally, at 8pm, exactly when they were supposed to come, the deadly objects appeared. Thrilled, I ripped the box open to check them out.

      Made out of stainless steel and about 8 inches long, they were beautiful (if only they didn't have the spiders though . . . I hate spiders!). But, since it was kinda dark outside, I unfortunately couldn't immediately try them out. It was actually Thursday afternoon before I really had time to go outside, set up a cardboard target, and try them out. I failed on the first fifteen or so throws before I finally got one to stick. . . .then I missed the next 20 or so. =) But the difficulty did not deter me at all! No, indeed. When I tried again a few days later, I managed to stick 6 plus knives! I was so stoked.

      And then David came out, asking if he could try, and he was able to stick his first knife! What?! Oh, well. I suppose I shouldn't be disappointed. I'll have plenty of time this summer to brush up on my throwing. Then, maybe the next time David wants to try, the events that occur will be a little different . . . =)
      I definitely plan to continue throwing knives, so you keep your ears open, you might hear something in the next few months (hopefully only good things, though . . . I'm trying not to kill myself =P). You never know. I could become famous!

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