Monday, August 17, 2015

A Summer's End

So, summer is finally over (not that I was waiting for it to end . . .). It wasn't a terribly busy summer, which was nice. Annie and I spent a couple hours each week volunteering at our local library for their Summer Reading Program, our bedrooms and our parents' bathroom got painted,

we spent a few of our days chillin' in our aunt's pool, sometimes inviting friends to go with us,

The girl in this photo with Jonathan is our 9-year-old neighbor Dylann.

 and we did a ton of reading.

And now we've started school. Our first week is behind us and we are heading into our second. Since it's just the beginning, the work isn't terribly hard. I expect it'll get more difficult as we near the end of the year, especially since I'm now in high school (I can't believe I'm actually a freshman! Where has the time gone?), but I'm really appreciating the slower days. This year I've dropped some of my subjects from last year and gained some new ones. I'm now going through Systematic Theology (I'm kinda interested to see all that I'll learn, and it'll be nice because if I have any questions about it, I have my very own pastor to ask them to.), doing some Literature, and Physical Science. So, it'll be interesting. Of course, though, every new year is interesting. Why? Because it's an adventure. And don't we Miles' just love adventures!

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